Text Style Design Token Value

Value of the token

Type: object

letter_spacingnumber (Optional)Spacing between letters
line_heightnumber (Optional)Minimum height of a line for the text style
alignmentstring (Optional)Horizontal alignment of the text style, left, right, center, or justify
fontDesign Token Font-
colorstring (Optional)The value of color in rgb(r, g, b) or rgba(r, g, b, a) format for the text style.

☝️If there's a matching color token for the text style's color, the color token's value is returned as a reference, e.g. {$colors.light-yellow.value}.


  "line_height": 36,
  "alignment": "left",
  "font": {
    "family": "HelveticaNeue",
    "size": 36,
    "weight": 900,
    "stretch": 1
  "color": "rgb(204, 204, 0)"