Type: object

idstringThe unique id of the screen
namestringThe name of the screen
descriptionstring (Optional)The description of the screen
tagsstring[]The tags platform of the screen
imageSnapshot Image-
createdintegerThe unix timestamp when the screen was created
updatedinteger (Optional)The unix timestamp when the screen was updated
number_of_versionsintegerThe number of versions exported to the screen
number_of_notesintegerThe number of notes in the screen
number_of_annotationsintegerThe number of annotations in the screen
sectionObject Reference (Optional)Reference of the section that contains the screen
variantScreen Variant (Optional)-


  "id": "5dbad85a76ea51c1f35b6f69",
  "name": "Login",
  "description": "Login screen for HAL 9000",
  "tags": [
  "image": {
    "width": 2560,
    "height": 1920,
    "original_url": "",
    "thumbnails": {
      "small": "",
      "medium": "",
      "large": ""
  "created": 1517184000,
  "updated": 1572347818,
  "number_of_notes": 7,
  "number_of_versions": 4,
  "number_of_annotations": 2,
  "section": {
    "id": "5db81e6e6a4462065f04d932"
  "variant": {
    "value": "Default",
    "group": {
      "id": "607437cd62d37a0bc869fc63",
      "name": "Login"