Text Style

Type: object

idstringIdentifier of the text style
namestringName of the text style
createdintegerThe unix timestamp when the text style was created
postscript_namestringPostScript name of the text style, e.g. Roboto-Regular
font_familystringFont family of the text style, e.g. Roboto, Arial
font_sizenumberFont size of the text style
font_weightnumberFont weight of the text style, e.g. 500, 700
font_stylestringFont style of the text style, e.g. italic, oblique
font_stretchnumberFont stretch form of the text style, e.g. 0.75, 1.00
line_heightnumber (Optional)Minimum height of a line for the text style
letter_spacingnumber (Optional)Spacing between letters
text_alignstring (Optional)Horizontal alignment of the text style, left, right, center, or justify
colorColor Data (Optional)-
sourceResource Source (Optional)Source of the text style–either project or styleguide.


  "id": "5dbad85a76ea51c1f35b6f69",
  "name": "Header - H1",
  "created": 1517184000,
  "postscript_name": "HelveticaNeue-Bold",
  "font_family": "HelveticaNeue",
  "font_size": 24,
  "font_weight": 700,
  "font_style": "normal",
  "line_height": 24,
  "font_stretch": 1,
  "text_align": "left",
  "color": {
    "source_id": "0BEBFEB3-A107-4D1D-A3B0-77D1FBD35F01",
    "r": 143,
    "g": 152,
    "b": 5,
    "a": 1
  "source": {
    "project": {
      "id": "5db81e73e1e36ee19f138c1a",
      "name": "HAL 9000",
      "platform": "web",
      "linked_styleguide": {
        "id": "5db981be9df2b3e1bfa19ef2"