Spacing Design Token Metadata

Additional information about the spacing token

Type: object

sourceDesign Token SourceSource of the design token–either project or styleguide.
resourceDesign Token ResouceDetails of the SpacingToken object that the design token is generated from.
spacing_sectionObject ReferenceThe reference of the spacing section the spacing token belongs to.


  "source": {
    "project": {
      "id": "5db81e73e1e36ee19f138c1a",
      "name": "HAL 9000",
      "platform": "web",
      "linked_styleguide": {
        "id": "5db981be9df2b3e1bfa19ef2"
  "resource": {
    "id": "605df8fb1e558896ebd801c1",
    "type": "SpacingToken"
  "spacing_section": {
    "id": "5db81e6e6a4462065f04d932"