Responding to Events

Your webhook service should respond to the event request with an HTTP 2xx within 60 seconds. Zeplin ignores the body of your response, so you can simply respond with an empty body and 204 status.

Error handling and failure limits

In case of a failure, Zeplin retries sending your events three times using an exponential backoff strategy:

  1. The first retry is almost immediate
  2. The second retry is after 1 minute
  3. The last retry is after 5 minutes

You can find the number of attempts made for the event in Zeplin-Attempt-Number header.

Zeplin has a failure limit for webhook requests. If the 3rd retry does not succeed, the request will be discarded and it is counted as a failure. Once your webhook exceeds 10 failures within an hour, it will be deactivated, and Zeplin will notify you via an email. You can activate the webhook after the problem is resolved on your service. Any of the following conditions are considered failures:

  • SSL errors
  • Request timeout (after 60 seconds)
  • Too many redirects (more than 2 HTTP redirects)
  • Unexpected HTTP response (with status codes other than 2XX and allowed redirects)